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We are at the forefront of event technology, specializing in seamlessly integrating LED video panels with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems. Our mission is to transform events into unforgettable experiences by combining the power of vibrant visual displays with intelligent RFID technology.

By leveraging RFID, we bring a new level of interactivity and personalization to events. From road races and triathlons, to conferences and trade shows, our integrated solutions enable event organizers to engage and captivate attendees and sponsors like never before.

At NovusMage, we believe that events should leave a lasting impact on everyone involved. With our seamless integration of LED video panels and RFID, we unlock a world of possibilities, enhancing engagement, interactivity, and enjoyment. Join us as we redefine the event landscape and create truly extraordinary experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Some of our Clients

Customized Runner Information

The personalized display showcases more than just finish times. It can be tailored to include additional details such as the runner's name, bib number, age, and any other relevant information. This allows participants and spectators to easily identify and celebrate individual achievements

Real-time Results

Our personalized display brings the excitement of race results to life in real-time. Minutes after a runner crosses the finish line, their individual results are available and can be instantly displayed, providing an immediate sense of accomplishment and satisfaction

Customizable Themes and Graphics

Tailor the display to match the event or brand by incorporating customizable themes and graphics. From event logos and colors to motivational messages or sponsor branding, the personalized display can be designed to create a cohesive and memorable visual experience that resonates with the runners and the event attendees

Celebration and Recognition

The personalized display creates a celebratory atmosphere by highlighting exceptional performances. It can include features like leaderboards, podium rankings, or even special visual effects for course records or personal bests. This recognition motivates runners and adds a sense of achievement to the overall event.


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On-site LED Panels

High-resolution LED panels which are water and weather proof.

Drone Video and Images

Capture the key moments of your event on high-resolution video.

Lead Vehicles

Video panels mounted to lead vehicles at major events displaying race clock, leaders, last mile split, etc.

Race Results Presentation

Integrated with RFID to display finish results for anyone standing in front of the display.

Signage at Expos

General purpose signage for expos, corporate events, sports events, etc.

Satellite Internet

We bring high-speed inernet just about anywhere using a Starlink Satellite Internet system.


Check our Start Lines

2021 Millennium Mile

Welcome to an extraordinary race experience that takes personalization to new heights. Picture yourself running amidst a sea of vibrant colors and mesmerizing visuals, with an overhead LED screen displaying your name as you conquer each milestone. This is more than just a race; it's a personalized journey designed to motivate and inspire.

2023 Cheap Marathon

As you pass under the LED screen, the cheers of the crowd become more than just noise; they become a personal celebration of your journey. Spectators, inspired by your name and hometown, rally behind you, creating an electric atmosphere that propels you forward. You become a symbol of resilience and hometown pride, representing the spirit of your community.


Check our Finish Lines

Frozen Shamrock 2023

Introducing our resilient LED panels, engineered to triumphantly display runners' names as they cross the finish line, even in the face of the harshest weather conditions. Designed for durability and unrivaled performance, these LED panels are built to withstand nature's toughest challenges while illuminating the triumphs of every runner.

Hollis Fast 5K 2023

This remarkable integration of RFID technology and LED display panels at the Hollis Fast 5K finish line is the brainchild of NovusMage, a trailblazing technology company renowned for pushing the boundaries of innovation. NovusMage has harnessed its expertise in RFID systems and digital signage to create an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators. The LED panels themselves are an impressive sight. Their high-definition resolution ensures that every name is clear and legible, even from a distance. The vibrant colors of the LED lights enhance the visual impact, making the names stand out against the backdrop of the finish line and the cheering crowd.

Lead Vehicle Technology

Leading the way at major events


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UConn Health 2023

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation in race result technology that brings real-time information to life. Our LED panels, equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, seamlessly read participants' bibs as they approach the screen, instantly displaying their race results in an immersive and visually captivating manner.

BAA Half Marathon 2022

Experience the joy of recognition and the pride of achievement as your name shines on the LED panels. Celebrate your race journey, share the elation with friends and family, and create lasting memories. Our LED panels, fueled by RFID technology, bring your post-race experience to a new level of excitement and satisfaction.

Your Comprehensive Event Solution Provider

Partner with NovusMage, your trusted event solution provider. We bring everything needed for a successful event under one roof, combining cutting-edge technology, power, internet, audio, and aerial drones. Let's collaborate to make your event an unforgettable and truly extraordinary experience.

Events we attend each year all around New England.

LED Panels we have available to deploy at events

WATTS of power we bring to an event to energize the LED panels

Megabites per Second (average) we have available using Starlink Satellite internet connection.

Truss length (feet) which can extend across most roads.

Drones (average) which capture your event in unique ways.


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Steve Delahunty

Owner and lead developer

Steven Bedsole

Lead timer with over 28 years of timing experience.

Spencer Moland

Creative Consultant


Morale Director and keeper of frisbees